Richmond Virginia

Sleave is a dynamic four whose sound combines elements of alternative rock, punk and American hardcore. At the same time, it reminds the American grunge and emo style of the 1990s.
They were created in Richmond in 2016. Sleave began after Julien Robert and Charlie Bowen gathered for a party where they found that they had a common interest in melodic punk and alternative music. Within a short time the conversation turned into a complete project.
In a two-year period, the band grew, released their debut two singles ("Gold EP 2016" and "Better Now / Empty Talk 7" 2017). They have played countless concerts in and around Richmond. In 2018, the band decided it was time to make a long-playing album, which it did. So far, there is only a track record.
The long-playing album "Don’t Expect Anything" will be released in Engineer Records in autumn 2019. The band worked tirelessly with the help of Pedro Aida from Audio Verite Studios and Andreas Magnusson, with whom they both worked on previous releases. During this time, joined Daniel Salinas as a guitarist, Seth Tony replaced Sam McLelland on bass and the current Sleave is complete.
Finally, in June 2019, Sleave announced its partnership with British label Engineer Records.
We will bring an interview with the group in the autumn after the album is released.

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