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Savage Rose
new album in January

The Savage Rose release new album «Homeless» worldwide in January
«Homeless», Savage Rose's 25th album, will now finally be released worldwide through Target Records including the first single from the album «Woman», which marks the band again in the middle of one of the greatest proclamation against women's oppression. The Savage Rose cleary states their 50 years of existence as a name very well-known also among the new generations.
The Savage Rose is an institution in soul-driven rock music. Their new album «Homeless» entered No. 1 on the album charts and have sold close to 10.000 physical albums in their home country Denmark.
Led by Annisette’s awe-inspiring, soulful and great voice, the band has played and sung its way through three generations and is able to continuously make every concert into a highly relevant and unique experience. Annisette turned 70 this year and is still going strong on stage performing several high profiles, sold out concerts each year.

With a now rarely seen mixture of spiritual and rebellious energy, the live performances of The Savage Rose captivates, embraces and challenges the audience, and invites on a musical and spiritual journey.

The Savage Rose was formed in 1967 by siblings Thomas Koppel and Anders Koppel, respectively. composer and lyricist, who was born in a family of classical musicians. With the desire to create new music that connected to his time in the midst of a youth revolt, they created along with jazz drummer Alex Riel and a team of music club musicians a new and revolutionary sound. The inspiration came among others from the sixties new musical waves (in popular music) with a.o. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and James Brown.

Annisette (born 1948) was the youngest member but had sung from the scenes, since she was seven. She quickly became known in music environments for her voice with empathy and an own force, which made her way to the hearts of the audience. Also in the big wide world, The Savage Rose gained a lot of attention with their unique music, and contemporary legendary music magazine Rolling Stone's chief editor Lester Bangs, featured the band in praising reviews as one of the most interesting musical names of the time. The group has toured in the United States where their debut was at the Newport Festival, along with other legends, such as Sly And The Family Stone, James Brown and Miles Davis.

The Savage Rose has always contributed with their music where there was needed support to oppressed people and has traveled in the most vulnerable places in the world, by invitation from the locals. They have also produced music for theater, film, and ballets, including one of the greatest successes in Danish ballet history "Triumph of Death".

The Savage Rose has a history that spans five decades, and an equally long list of songs and melodies that have taken root in the many people who have followed the band. Songs with raw strength and gentle sensitivity dig down in the current cynicism, scratch holes in the surfaces and allow themselves to believe in the uncompromising love. In the latest ten years, The Savage Rose have consisted of a team of the finest musicians, each of them has distinguished themselves as soloists with their own compositions. Annisette describes it as an "Organic interaction where songs and music move along in a living cooperation in an unpredictable musical journey".

The Savage Rose recording line-up:
Vocals : Annisette
Backing Vocals: Naja Rosa Koppel, & Amina Carsce Nissen
Organ: Palle Hjort
Guitar: Rune Kjeldsen
Bass: Jacob Haubjerg
Drums: Anders Holm
Trombone and keys: Frank Hasselstrom

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