Saltbrennt Interview

Saltbrennt Interview

"Saltbrennt" means "self-distilled" and refers to hand-distilled spirits in the Tyrolean Oberland. In addition, "Saltbrennt" is a band with roots in western Austria, which derives its very personal ingredients from blues, funk and folk melodies and combines them into a musical mixed drink. Saltbrennt is music that creates itself, refined by various genre flavors and a touch of male choral society. The Alpingroove Quartet impresses with its sophisticated music and four-part charm live and on recordings in English, German and Tyrolean. We asked the band a few questions.
Alan - Hi, could you introduce yourself for a start? 
„Saltbrennt“ – Ahoj and Hallo, thanks for having us! We are 4 guys from Tyrol who found each other through our love for Groove and drinking and simply tried our best not to lose us again, which worked out pretty well so far.

Alan - How many albums have you uploaded? And how did they go?
„Saltbrennt“ – We stand at 1 debut album, on which we did some covers as well, and 4 Eps with solely originals on them. We are not good at counting or math, but let's say we can call about 50 songs our own, and the family is growing. And in our opinion, they all turned out great of course. To make sure, one must ask our core audience, which is based in Austria/Germany/Italy, probably due to German lyrics and gas prices. But this main audience is a loyal one and gets bigger with every gig we play, which we are very thankful for.

Alan - When I take your albums (which we have), every single one is completely musically different. Do you have any base of listeners that you make music for? Are they the listeners that listens to any song you make? Or does each album have its own fans?
„Saltbrennt“ – It's great to hear, that you think they sound different, because that's what we went for. Especially with the EPs, because each one is connected to and recorded during different seasons. The winter one for example is totally acoustic, with double bass and everything, the spring one is full of love songs and so on. One thing they all have in common is at least one a capella tune at the very end and one hidden ghost track. We do hope that everybody likes all the songs, but to make a guess, we would say that especially the ones with a lot of choirs going on get a lot of love from people who take the time to have a listen.

Alan - A little about the work you're playing. So write down everything you actually play and how you created it?
„Saltbrennt“ – The written parts are mostly just the lyrics and some hints on who has which function in the choir parts. Sometimes people ask us for notes, because they would like to do a particular song with theirs group or at their wedding or something. Then one of us has to sit down and type the notes in, which is a rewarding kind of work, but we rather put time into new songs or practicing than writing them down, to be honest. Bottom line: we are not illiterate, but maybe a little lazy.

Alan - For me, if I can write, and I can. I have two favorite albums from Saltbrennt, of all. (I like
the others, yes), but the album where funky and reggae albums predominates, absolutely great. The second album I like is the intertwining of music, where the songs are mainly focused on country, raw country and dark country. You could describe these two albums more, as well as songs, ideas, works.
„Saltbrennt“ – We think you are refering to "Laub" and "Schell" and it's really nice that you dig them! It's basically the season-thing going on again. When we think of summer, green meadows, blue skies and endless roads come to mind. These thoughts resulted in some country-like songs you can put into your roadtrip playlist while driving into the unknown. And the reggae parts come from our idea of a great harvest in autumn, when the work is done and everybody can relax and just enjoy life before winter kicks in again. We take these inspirations and try to make music with the instruments and influences everyone of us brings to the table.

Alan - In the Czech Republic we have a couple of radios that play either reggae or country music. Unfortunately, they do not take bands (Czech or Slovak) unless they play pure country. I know several bands that have turned down because they play dark country. How is it with you?
„Saltbrennt“ – Well, that is a thing. We wouldn't call it a problem, but definitely a thing. When you don't fit into one particular drawer (category?) , it might be harder to get into stations or venues or whatever. But on the other hand: who likes staying in one drawer all the time?

Alan - Albums are sung in three languages. The question is as follows. How does it take the audience at concerts? Especially in Tyrol
„Saltbrennt“ – In our experience, the language switches are well accepted. Since so much music is in English nowadays, people tend not to listen too carefully to lyrics anyhow, so we take this phenomenon to focus on musicality and stuff like that. And then a German song comes around, which gets natural speakers on a whole different level. And to be quite frank with you: the dialects in Austria vary so much, that sometimes you can't really understand what people from the next valley are saying, so we might slip into the English phenomenon sooner or later anyway.

Alan - The albums were released on CD recently, now you have also thrown yourself on LPs. In Austria, Tyrol, people started buying LPs again? And which album will be released on LP?
„Saltbrennt“ – Yeah, it's like history repeats itself, but in a good way. With all the streaming going on, people tend to turn back to listening to vinyl. We appreciate and endorse that! So we're making a double vinyl, which will contain some sort of 'best of' from the last 4 EPs. One year in two LPs so to say.

Alan - Any funny gig experiences? Maybe about walnut liqueur? (Orechovice?)
„Saltbrennt“ – Walnut liquor is a little nasty, you are right. We tend to have fun at every gig and every rehearsal. But we are keen to visit you guys and make some fun memories based on Slivovice, if you are up for it.

Alan - Will Klaus take you on a tour of festivals or solo concerts in Germany or the Czech republic? So that we can see you?
„Saltbrennt“ – Yes, Sir! And when time comes, we will have a good time together for sure.

Alan - Thanks for the interview, and I hope some of our readers will invite you to the show.
„Saltbrennt“ – Thank you! And all the best to you, good music wherever you go and your favourite drink nearby when needed. See you soon
Christian, Christoph, Fabi and Jakob

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