Italian Instrumental Post Rockers REPETITA IUVANT Are Set to Release their Two-Songs EP This Spring
Post Rock Instrumentalists REPETITA IUVANT set all details for their new and intense two-songs EP titled "?2".
At the basis of the improvisation work of the band, there is an equation of mathematics that starts with 3, the first episode, the perfect number and all its facets. Then move on to the second ep, 3+1. the square that defines the sound and the sounds that will come, (the entrance to the use of synths). And then define themselves with 7, the first full length with 7 songs. The choice of the number 7 is connected to the 3, the 7 defines not only the notes, though also the colors of the rainbow and the entire timing of terrestrial life. 
The new ep ?2 is the first chapter of a new trilogy and the natural continuation of this equation, as well as the repetition and development of mathematics quantum.
Repetita Iuvant was born in 2006, with a classic guitar, bass and drums trio, they only play live in Tuscany and Liguria until 2013. In 2018 they find themselves with a new lineup, 2 guitars and drums. They start recording immediately in 2019 and 3, 3+1 and 7 were released in 2022. Those 2 EPs and the first LP are a trilogy based on a mathematical concept. Repetita's music is a mixture of post-rock, no-wave and psychedelia improvisation.
They define themselves as post postists, because they are convinced that "no class of prejudices or civic, historical or academic considerations can inhibit the impulse of imagination.
Repetita Iuvant "?2" will be released on CD and DIGITAL via Argonauta Records, with release date set by May 3rd, 2024

1. Pandico
2. Risacca

Cristoforo Da Costa, guitar and synth
Daniele Isetta, guitar and synth
Andrea Head, drums

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