Klaus - Hello Mr. Reidar Jensen! Please tell us more about you and your professional music life. 
Reidar Jensen - „ Until 2012 my professional life was in international IT management, my music was a hobbby. I travelled to many regions of the world and met and worked with people from different cultures. I then decided to quit my job and to live my dream with my music. My experiences enabled me to establish myself as a musician and songwriter.“

Klaus - When did you have the idea to go the professional way of the musician?
Reidar Jensen - „ I had the idea to start my way as a musician a year earlier, but at first not in a professional way.  I had written quite a number of songs during the years and 2011, I made contact to a sound  studio with an experienced producer and some professional musicians to record a CD. It was well received by many people , so that I decided to go the „hard way“, then or never. I started to play gigs in pubs and small venues, alone or with other guitarists. I participated in song contests and won gold, silver and bronze awards in several categories of the „German Rock and Pop Prize“ as well as in the „UK Songwriting Contest“. My concerts and albums received several positive press reviews. 
And as then other professional musicians wanted to join me on stage and in the studio, I started to realize that my songs should be shared with larger audiences . So,all of a sudden, I guess I was becoming a pro.“

Klaus - From which artists did you take the inspiration? Or from somebody else (some artist)?
Reidar Jensen - „ First and foremost, my multi-layered personal experiences and events in life have prepared the ground for my songs. 
I try to base my lyrics on a sensitivity in observation, an open ear for soft nuances. But I,of course, do have some musical roots, which primarily lie with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon and Donovan.“

Klaus - Which moments in your career were the most important? Do you have some “turning moments“? 
Reidar Jensen - „ I guess the turning moments were the participation in the final of the German Rock and Pop Prize as well as the introduction to my duo partner, Rómer Avendaño in July 2019. He is such a great guitarist and he immediately said “Yes” to me and my songs, only 2 weeks later we had our first live concert. And in March 2020 David Pérez Luna joined us to form a trio. In addition to making music, we have become really good friends and have a relationship based upon trust and honesty.
Other great moments were the contract with my record label 7US and the start of our co-operation with KS Music Booking & Promotion.“

Klaus - You have on sales your new album “Live on Stage 2020“. Please tell me more about the idea to this album, and tell me more about the texts.
Reidar Jensen - „Rómer had been studying and working with the world famous guitarist,Wolfgang Weigel. I shared with the two of them an idea to perform my songs live on stage and to have the concert filmed and recorded. They were both excited by the idea, we had a few exercises and then went on stage. The cultivated string art of these two exceptional artists  plus David Pérez Luna on bass and further musicians from South America gave me a thrilling musical experience of a very special kind. I sent the sound files to 7US, on the same day, Hans Derer, the CEO called me and said:“Let us go for a DVD  and a digital release of this unique event“.
My lyrics are nourished by a rich treasure of events from my own life experience, thus giving insights into my personality. The varied repertoire includes life- and love songs, spanning from thoughtful themes to current topical songs“.

Klaus - The new album “Live on Stage 2020“ has released by the German label „7US / 7Music“. Tell us more about this cooperation.
Reidar Jensen - „ In the summer of 2018, I called Hans Derer and told him that I wanted to send a few songs to him for a potential cooperation. Hans has a long track record and experience in the music industry, he managed Erasue and Depech Mode in Germany amongst many, many others. The world hit „Lemon Tree“ is also his baby. I did not really think that I could land with him, but I have never been afraid to ask for something if I want it. Only a few hours after having sent the songs, he called back and I had a contract draft in my mailbox! So far we have released two CDs and the DVD as well as the single WHAT YOU ARE on December 4th as the start of our next album in the spring of 2021.“  

Klaus - What do you know about Czech Republic? And do you know somebody from Czech music industry?
Reidar Jensen - „ Unfortunately, except for demograhical and geograpical data, far too little and I know noone from the Czech music industry. So I guess it is about time to change this, right?“ 

Klaus - Reidar, Please tell us about your trips / journeys during, Australia, USA, and Europe.
Reidar Jensen - „ In Europe my trips have been both business- as well as vacation and leisure trips. My trips to Australia, Asia and the USA were primarily business driven, meaning I spent a lot of time in air ports, offices, taxis and hotels. But I did try to spend as much time as possible with customers, colleagues and team members from all over the world, was listening to them and exchanging ideas with them. So I received rich inspirations, many of these have landed up in the themes of my songs“. 

Klaus - What is your favorite song? From your new album / from the older albums? / and from another artists?
Reidar Jensen - „ I guess my favourite song is WHAT YOU ARE, the live version from the DVD and the now freshly released studio version. It is a love song to give a positive attitude to life, not only in the current difficult times. I have devoted this most lyrical song to my wife. For more than 40 years she has been accompanying me on my journey through life. I want to remind us all to be grateful each day for the gift of a happy relationship and take really good care of it. 
The song sends a sign of the inner bond of two people, a companion on all life paths. 
From older albums, TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU is one of my favourites. It has achieved more that 110 K Plays on Spotify and is a topical song. 
The song describes the contradictions in life, which we encounter with a constantly faster beat. Within seconds, also reinforced by social media, a positive situation can turn dramatically negative. 
Favourite songs from other artists: Oh yeah, they are numerous and would go far beyond the scope of this interview!“

Klaus - Thank you very much for your time. Good luck in your careers and personal life! Here is your space for write something to your fans/our readers. 
Reidar Jensen - „Only love can help to find a way out of chaos and problems; it is not a broad road, more likely a narrow path. But we all need to walk it. 
This is the message I wish to convey in my music and I am grateful to all, who are willing to share some of their valuable time to listen and to take part on this journey. Thank you very much for your kind wishes! And for giving me this opportunity to present myself and our music to you“

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