‘Lonesome & Cold’

IVY CROWN releases first video single for anticipated debut album
Today melodic metalcore quartet IVY CROWN releases video single ‘Lonesome & Cold’. The single is the first track of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Echo’, due to be released on March 29th.

‘Lonesome an Cold’ introduces new vocalist Maria Kjar and the new, darker sound the band has come to represent since their first two singles. ‘The song is about the demons and inner struggles of an addict’, explains IVY CROWN, ‘A battle that is lonesome, cold and makes you feeling trapped within your own mind.’ Moreover, the song features a guest appearance by MOL-vocalist Kim Song Sternkopf, giving the song an extra dimension.

IVY CROWN has risen from the ashes of Taras which was a well-known Danish all-female punk rock band, and after releasing two seperate singles, ‘Timeout’ and ‘Enemy’ in the summer of 2017, the girls are set to release their debut album in March 2019 through Prime Collective.

Recorded and produced by Chris Kreutzfeldt and with assisting vocal production by Mirza Radonjica-Bang. The album has featuring performances by Kadeem France (Loathe), Jesper Gün (Ghost Iris) and aforementioned Kim Song Sternkopf (MOL) - all talented people who complement the bands vision for the album.

‘Echo’ will be released on March 29th through Prime Collective.

1. Lonesome and Cold (Feat. Kim Song Sternkopf) 
2. Run
3. It's a Hell
4. That's What You Do (Feat. Jesper Gün) 
5. Our Worst Days
6. Bad Dream (Feat. Kadeem France) 
7. Won't Change a Thing
8. Not Who We Are
9. Rising

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