interview with Philip Bates

interview with Philip Bates
Phil Bates Band (ELO Part 2)

Former singer of Electric Light Orchestra Part II and the Orchestra from 1993 to 1999, when he left the band. Phil Bates & Band present ELO's hits from throughout their existence. In 2011, Phil formed his band, combining the virtuosity of a classical ensemble with the drive of an excellent live band and adding his own flawless instrumental and vocal performance to breathe a fresh new sound into ELO's music.
Alan – Hi Philip.
Philip - Hello. Good to speak to you.

Alan – You had other groups and projects before ELO. What were they like?
Philip - My biggest project before my connection with ELO was my band, Trickster, who released two albums, very many singles, and toured with ELO, Smokie, Boston, John Miles, and more. My first real band was Quill in the early 1970s, which is still going, and now ELO drummer, Bev Bevan, is a member. But I have been involved in so many bands and projects, it is hard to list them all. I counted recently that I have been involved in more than 30 bands and projects since I began in the mid 1960s.

Alan - You joined ELO part II as a permanent member in 1993. Who approached you to play with them?
Philip - I met again with Kelly Groucott, at a solo gig of mine, and we talked about old times. Then a few months later, Bev, Kelly, Mik, Lou Clark, and Eric Troyer, were having another attempt at re-launching ELO Part2 and asked me to join.

Alan – But 1993 was not your debut in the band ELO. You have worked with ELO for much longer.
Philip - I have a connection with ELO that goes back to the mid-1970s, when we signed with their record company. We then supported on most of the 1978 Spaceship Tour. But my connection with Jeff Lynne goes farther back to the late 1960s when my band recorded 3 of his Idle Race songs. My very first recording session. I have also played and worked with various members of ELO on many occasions.

Alan - Between 1993 and 1999, which hits and albums did you release with ELO part II?
Philip - Part 2 released the albums ‘Moment of Truth’, and the ‘One Night’ ‘live’ album, which I co-produced. The singles were ‘Power of a million lights’, and ‘Breaking Down the walls’. These singles had some success in different countries, but were not international hits.

Alan – You tour almost the whole world with ELO's work and your compositions. Where haven't you played yet?
Philip - I haven’t played in China, Japan, or India. I have come close a few times, but it never happened. Maybe it is too late now, but maybe not. It feels as if I have played almost everywhere else.

Alan – This is not the first time you are playing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia this year. When did you play in the Czech Republic for the first time? And in Slovakia?
Philip - I played several times in Prague with the Orchestra in the 2000s, plus a couple smaller towns that I cannot remember the name of. My current band played in Bratislava, and a festival in Snina in 2021. Always great gigs.

Alan – In this year 2024, where are you playing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia?
Philip - There is a big chance that we played in Czechoslovakia in the 1990s with ELO Part 2, but we played so many concerts that it is hard for me to remember. Sorry.

Alan – Amphitheatre Loket, how are you prepared for the performance?
Philip - We will do what we always do and play as many of the big hits offELO as possible. And have a great time.

Alan – After all, you perform them quite often. Do you have time for yourself? If so, what do you do in your spare time?
Philip - It is hard to have things outside of music, but I do have a small solo acoustic career in the U.K. Apart from that I love to read and to walk when I can.

Alan - A question outside of music. Regional dishes. Every region and every country has its specialties when it comes to food. Do you have the opportunity to taste local (regional) specialties?
Philip - We will be happy to taste local foods, but mostly we sample local beers or wine when we visit new places ????????

Alan – I'll see you in Lokti, maybe they'll prepare regional food for you. Or at least plum dumplings, that's a typical Czech dish. Thanks for the interview and see you there.
Philip - I look forward to seeing you in Lokti. It would great to sample your plum dumplings.
Thanks, and see you there ????????☯️❤

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