Interview with Maggie Reilly

Interview with Maggie Reilly
Scotland's most charismatic female voice

Maggie Reilly started her solo track/career in 1975 plus or minus. She sang accompaniments for many famous groups or names in the music world. He has countless hits with these artists, which stayed on the charts for many years. The range of musical focus or hosting ranges from country to rock. Among the biggest names to whom she lent her voice not only on the recording but also drove the lines were, for example, Mike Oldfield, Smokie, Juliane Werding, Jack Bruce, and many, many others. Maggie Reilly will be performing at the Loket Amphitheater this year. And maybe you're looking forward to it as much as I am.
Alan - Say hi Maggie.
Maggie – Hallo.

Alan - How long have you been in the music scene?
Maggie - Ive been working in music most of my life a very very long time.

Alan - If you remember which song was the initial/first hit not only in your work, when did you get noticed by a larger fan base?
Maggie - My first single was released around the time  Neil youngs  after the gold rush  album i recorded only love can break your heart as one of the tracks a side was imagine me. I was in a band  called Cado Belle in 70s we were popular in UK and beyond. Obviously working with Mike raised  my profile fan wise as he had massive world wide success with tubular bells.

Alan – More deals came in, more hits. Regarding your career, who has been the most fruitful collaboration for you?
Maggie - Ive loved all the collaborations ive done but i worked for the longest time with Mike.

Alan – At the beginning of 1990, you decided to go solo. What made you do it?
Maggie - I was in  Germany  working on  a charity song and met Jurgen Turnau we all went out for  dinner afterwards and jurgen suggested he would love to make a solo album with me i really liked  him and decided why not.

Alan – It's not your first time in the Czech Republic, when did you play in the Czech Republic for the first time? What about Slovakia?
Maggie - I had a concert in the palace in Prague last year which i reallt enjoyed what a beautiful  place to play. I am happy to play wherever im invited especially with my band.

Alan – Did you have or do you have the opportunity to see the countryside, monuments, and attractions in the Czech Republic or Slovakia?
Maggie - the Palace obviously was amazing.

Alan – Which concert or performance do you like to remember in the Czech Republic and Slovakia?
Maggie - Only once so far amd it was  the Palace but i do look forward  to coming  more often if invited.

Alan – What spirit/concept will you have for this year's tour/show? And do you have something special ready?
Maggie - I will be performing songs from all through my career old songs new songs including  everytime we touch and moonlight shadow im sure theres something there to please everyone.  

Alan – Thanks for the interview. I'm looking forward to the hits you'll play, even from your creations. See you.
Maggie - You will have to come along to see what surprises there will be.
We are all really looking forward to coming to play for you and hope everyone has a great time see you there.

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