Interview with Fahrenheit 212

Interview with Fahrenheit 212
not just about Rapa Nui

Alan - Hi band. Your relationship with Rapa Nui?
F 212 - We are the first Rock- Band from Europe with a Live- Performance in Rapa Nui/ Easter Island. The History of Rapa Nui is maybe like a Legend of the Future from our World. Too much search for Symbols of Richness. Too much work from the poor People for the rich people.  Our Time of Rapa Nui was very spirituel and we are normally not religious. Rapa Nui is very mysterious. And we had a unbelievable Time on the Island.  Our first and till now last Concept- Album is about a Journey of two Kids (Boy and Girl) to Rapa Nui. To the Place of Dreams and better Live.

Alan - I'm not so sure if they know you in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So say a little something about yourself.
F 212 - We are a Crossover- Band. Our Roots are Punkrock, Metal, Hardrock, Southern Rock, Grunge and New Wave. And we play alle the Time only the Stuff, we like it! We sell in the 1990s maybe 20.000 CDs. And we touring in this Time more as 300 Concerts in Germany. An the End of the 1990 and the Beginning of the New Century we are looking for Singer. The Reason was the Illness of the first singer. We found an young Singer, but he was Singing only in English Language. And that was the Reason for Make the Project “SONBEAM”. And with SONBEAM we play 50 Shows in DUBAI in 2004.

Alan - what is your musical focus? Hard rock, metal, street rock? What do you feel is more of your style?
F 212 - We are Fahrenheit 212. We make and play only the Stuff from our Soul. Sometimes is this more Street, sometimes is it more Fantasy or Politician , sometimes is it more Blues or Music about Love. But we are/ we was maybe sometimes “the Tough Guys on the Streets” , then we had much Fights with other Boys and Groups on the End of the 1980 and the beginning of the 1990 Years. We say about this Time: “We are too stupid to run away!” ????

Alan - You've been around for 30 years, with a break. So in short. Describe the life of the band Fahrenheit 212.
F 212 - Established 1992 Album „Der Hexer” in 1995 (Label Bellaphon Records)- Singer Mirko Kerber Rough, Street, Politic (Streetrock, Metal, Hardrock) 2. Album „Kreuzzug der Gefühle“ in 1996 (Label Bellaphon Records)- Singer Mirko Kerber Real Life, Love, Search for the Meaning of Life (more Metal, more “Metallica”) 3. Album Project SONBEAM „This Symphony” in 2003 (Label Self Made Music)- Singer Marcel Panko Fahrenheit 212 meets Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam 50 Shows in DUBAI with Extreme- Sport- Actors (somebody became later World Champions in Freestyle- Motocross- Luke Ackermann and Remy Bizuoard) 4. Album “Neues vom Hexer” in 2007 (Label Bellaphon Records)- Mirko Kerber back to the Roots and with Lyrics about and against the turbo- capitalism System   Single „Ka hoki mai“ in 2009 (Label Self Made Music)- Singer Oliver Kranz - the one and only CD with Collaboration between Musicians from Germany and Rapa Nui in the World (we believe this) - it was the Product of 10 Weeks in Germany with Rapa Nui- Musicians “Here Hara” 5. Concept- Album “VAKA TEATEA” (means white Ship or better white Kanoo) in 2016 Singer Oliver Kranz This Album is the Story with two Kids( Girl and Boy) All Title are made like a “Story- Step” in a Novel book “You can go with the Kids from Title to the Title till the End of the Story.” Since 2018 we produced Songs and Parts of Music for the Movie “Leif in Concert- Vol. II” and the TV- Series “Wir sind jetzt”

Alan - Where have you played? Except Germany. States, continents? And how did the trips go?
F 212 - We play Shows in Germany, Poland, Chile, Dubai and Rapa Nui/ Easter Island.

Alan - You haven't released many albums in 30 years, which doesn't matter. Can you describe them a little? Because every album is slightly (very) different.
F 212 - See also on the first answers: We play only Music from our Soul. Every time! We play what we feel. And sometimes we feel the whole World in our Heads and Hearts. The whole fucking Bullshit! It is not easy, but it is also interesting ????!

Alan - Vaka Teatea very interesting album, imaginative. And I like it a lot. But der Hexer's album is closer to its concept of street rock.
F 212 - As we produced „Der Hexer,  we are angry and fearless young Guys. As we produced “VAKA TEATEA”, we are though Men with many Experience in Job and Live.

Alan - You have received several awards. Which ones and for what?
F 212 - Winner of the Award !Deutscher Rock-und Popmusikpreis 2016 (2. Price for Best Rock- Album, 1. Price for Best Layout/ Best Cover, 2. Price for Best Live- Act Rock/ Hardrock- you know what we mean: 2.1.2. ????! It was KARMA!

Alan - Rapa Nui and Vaka Teatea. Why did you make the album like this? Did you collaborate on it with other people?
F 212 - we collaborate a little bit for VAKA TEATEA with the Rapa Nuis- Musicians “Here Hara” I am a great Fan of THE WHO. And as I was a young Punkguy in the GDR/ East Germany- and yery impressed from the Movie “Quadrophenia”. And I would like all the Time produced a Concept- Album about the Meaning of Life. About Dreams and about the Diversity from the Visions of Paradise

Alan - When you went out to perform with Vaka Teatea's album, did you have guests with you? The scenery?
F 212 - Sometimes we play with good Friends.

Alan - Vaka Teatea. Just write more about it. Colk's work on the album, and feedback from people, labels, radio, etc.
F 212 - The Feedback (as People had listening the Album) was great and very good. But it was not enough for important Concerts, for Winning Money and Label- Deals ????! And that was the Reason, we developed a electronic Platform for Creative- Collaboration between Musicians and Movie-/ Video- Makers  The Name of the Platform is “KANUH- Kreativ- Alternative Neue Unter- Haltung)

Alan - Are you working on something else now?
F 212 - we hope, we can our 30. Anniversary- Album “ECHO” bring in the Market in the second Half of 2022 and we hope “KANUH” is a new Flame in the World of Creativity

Alan - Thanks for the interview, maybe we'll meet somewhere at the concert or fest. In the Czech Republic in Cham.
F 212 - Thank you too! See and hear you in the Future?!


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