interview with Fabian Mróz

interview with Fabian Mróz
about Fabian Mróz / Mr. Fabulous

Alan - Hi Fabian, how are you? Do you create any music now?
Fabian – Hi Alan, I’m fine, thank you for the Interview!, Yes of course I’m always working on new songs. Sometimes the focus on songwriting, sometimes the work in the studio with musicians.
Right now I’m working on some rock songs – a good contrast after doing a lot of soft pop (Schlager)… 

Alan - For those who don't know you, introduce yourself a little.
Fabian – I’m a musician and producer from the south of Germany, a great area close to the alps called Allgäu. Before the covid-time my main activity was being live on stage with several band projects.

Alan - Your activities as an artist?
Fabian – I do the whole creative stuff, starting with composing, recording, publishing songs, doing CD-Artwork, photo/video/visuals on my own – and of course playing live.

Alan - You play in a band, Mr. Fabulous, which is you. Do you have players that play with you regularly? Or do you take different musicians for every album you make?
Fabian – Yes, Mr. Fabulous is more or less a Solo-Project. I started 2005 beside my Band-Projects to release my own songs. Through the years I played them more and more live as s Singer/Songwriter just with acoustic guitar. But then I enlarged the Project and included other musicians. For one show we were 15 musicians at stage playing my own songs. But most of the time we are two or three. I like the percussions or cajon instead of a big drumset. That’s fit’s best to my acoustic arrangements, I have 4 or 5 different drummers I work with.

Alan - When you release one album every year, which is currently 14 albums, does that mean you've been playing for 14 years?
Fabian – I started playing in Bands when I was 18, so it’s more than 20 years ago – and I did a lot of demo-recordings and Band-CDs additional to the 14 Mr. Fabulous albums.

Alan - Speaking of publishing, you have a publishing house where you publish your music. But you also publish other artists there. Who is the publishing company focused on?
Fabian – I have different options for publishing, I work together with the labels “7us” (Winnenden), “West7” (Munich) and (Hanover). With my label Delta Sound I’m focused in finding new talented singers and coach them doing the first steps into music business.

Alan - Who or what was the most interesting thing you published?
Fabian – 10 years ago I published a Queen Tribute CD with local bands, It started as a small project but in the end we had an appearance in the german TV and contact with Queen guitarist Brian May.

Alan - You've released two big compilations. could you say more about that?
Fabian – Yes, I worked on two tribute-albums to honor the 2 most famous Bavarian Bands: Spider Murphy Gang and Münchener Freiheit. It was great to work with such a good song-material and put it into a new sound and find new singers to perform the tracks. We had great cooperations with world-famous singers like Liz Mitchell of Boney M. or Angel X, who sang Enigma’s worldhit “Return to innocence”)

Alan - You work with video and graphics. Who did you work for? And what did you do for them?
Fabian – The video work is quite new, in the past I only produced music videos for my own music projects and bands. 2020 I signed a label-deal with 7us ( and did a couple of work for them. Artist-interviews, live-streams and concert-recordings.
My main business is doing Graphic Design, what I studied in my youth. A designed hundreds of CD-artworks for bands of all genres through the years. But no big artists you might know – I did once a artwork for Lady Gaga’s Artpop 2013, but she decided to change it before release…  

Alan - Where will our readers find a link to your work? Both musical and graphic?
Fabian – A lot of  videos are on my youtube-Channel “Knusperbrezel”:
Here are a couple of the CD-artworks, but the page has to be updated – I did a lot of new stuff during the pandemie…

Alan - Thanks for the interview, and again sometime next time.
Fabian – Thank you Alan, it was an honor to speak with you – the first time in an international show for me ;-)

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