Interview with DobBroMan

Interview with DobBroMan
blues rocker player on slider guitar

Alan - Thanks for being able to make a interwiev for our medium.
DobBroMan: Hello, this is DobBroMan speaking, thank you for inviting me for the interview….
 So, Alan let´s start with the first Question.

Alan - Who are you and who answers questions?
DobBroMan: Well, you talking to DobBroMan… I´m a solo Artist living in Berlin, my musical Style I would describe as Americana, Rock, Blues

Alan - How many times have you played in the Czech republic?
DobBroMan: I resently just played my first Concert in Prag, last Nov. 2018 in a very nice club called
Mandragora - very nice place and Prag is a beautiful city so hope I will come back soon….

Alan - Where can we check you out?
DobBroMan: You can check me out online on youtube….

Alan - When someone would have interest in your concerts in Czech Republic, where they can hit you out?
DobBroMan: If you wanna check out, try to book me…

Alan - Whats your last album, and what are you planing to do?
DobBroMan: My last Album, is my first Album…. new Video - Fighting for my soul..

Alan - Where in Czech was the best city to play, and why?
DobBroMan: Well the only city right now I played was Prag wich is so beautiful and I love to come back, and also see more of your citys from your beautiful country

Alan - Do you have any favourite festival?
DobBroMan: Yes, I do have a favorite festival place, It is called MIASTO ROCKA wich is in Babimost in Poland and I played there in 2015, and also freakstock is a very nice Festival.

Alan - And in foreign countries? do you have any favourite festival or club?
DobBroMan: Yes, there is one in South Germany in a small place in Bavaria called "Willofs", they have two times a year in spring and in Autum a very nice festival, called "End Of Summer", so it´s always nice come back there.

Alan - Do you know any czech musicians or bands?
DobBroMan: Yes, I do - his name is PAVEL RYBA and I meet him last year at the "Fete de la musique" here in Germany.

Alan - Would you mind to cooperate with any czech interpert, and if yes with who?
DobBroMan: Yes, sure I would cooperate with any of czech musicians, it did not work out so far - but I´m open for anything.

Alan - You are a long time on the scene. Do you have any unfulfilled musician dream?
DobBroMan: (Laughing) There is many unfulfilled dreams right now, one of the dreams is going back to New Zealand, Australia touring there as DOBBROMAN, of course all around Europe, maby one day the US that is a really big country, would be great to open up some shows for any of the great musicians.

Alan - What 3 songs will people hear on your concerts? and what is your opinion?
DobBroMan: Well one Song I defently going to play is "SONG FOR B.B." that I wrote whenn BB King passed away, another one is "RICH MANS BLUES" I always play Live, "LOUISIANAS BLUES" wich I wrote for Louisiana Red.

Alan - What is your favourite 3 songs from you?
DobBroMan: My favorite DOBBROMAN SONGS would be, first "FIGHTING FOR MY SOUL" than "ROLLING" a real like, is a tumbling Blues, my all time favorite will be "BEAUTIFUL SON" wich is a nice Ballad hopefully giving some peace to you.

DobBroMan (End Words): thank you so much for your support, blues on. 

DobBroMan: Guit. / Vox


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