Interview with DobBroMan

Interview with DobBroMan
after a year

Alan - Hi. So after a year, we'll have too talk again.
DobBroMan - Yes, Thank you… great to talk to you again Alan.

Alan - What new happend in the year since we last communicated?
DobBroMan - I just finished my new Album „Got All The Luck“

Alan - There is a possibility that you will play in the Czech Republic, which is great. (if it works out) Where will it be and when?
DobBroMan - Yes, I hope to come back soon to the Czech Republic - I love to play again in Prag…I don’t have Dates now.. but hopefully it will be soon.

Alan - Are you planning anything new? New songs? New videos?
DobBroMan - Yes I will release My new Album in the next Weeks and plan to playing Live my new Songs, also do some new Videos.

Alan - what about guitar, that one that was made in the Czech Republic. Is it still functional and do you still use it?
DobBroMan - Of course it is my favourite Guitar - but it got a little Dobro Sister now - that is made with a wood Body… hopefully play it on my next Gigs

Alan - You've worked with a few other artists over the last year. tell us about it. Was it quite interesting? You also collaborated with our friends E; R! - A little different than your usual.
DobBroMan - Yes, it was great fun work with E; R! - a good challange to get the Lyrics and Vocals for there Song, also the Video bits I’m doing. Everyone they have not seen the Video check it out…. It is quite dark.

Alan - do you have anything to say about the travel? Train Trips? Someone is collecting coins or postage stamps. You collect knowledge from travelling by train. Which and where were your trips the most interesting?
DobBroMan - Since the Pandemie started - I haven’t been on trains a lot for a while… but it will come soon, When I’m back on the Road I will „Ride that Blues Train“ again.

Alan - How did you get on with Karl May? something new?
DobBroMan - I wrote that Song „Dead Wood 1876“ for my new Album….

Alan - So and finally, any surprises?
DobBroMan - I will work on a „QUEEN“ Cover Song - Version for a Sampler this
Summer, going to be a challange

Alan - Thanks for the interview. See you in the Czech Republic.
DobBroMan - Yes - my friend, looking forward… Greatings to all my friends and Fans in the Czech Republic from DobBroMan.


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