Interview with Dedo Podre

Interview with Dedo Podre
Punk rock Brazil

Alan - Hey boys, classical question, where are you from, how much people does your band have and what instruments do you use? 
D.P. – (Paulo) We are from Brazil, specifically from Curitiba. The band consists of four people, a guitar (Paulo), a bass (Guto), a drums (Roberto - so far, is leaving) and a vocalist (Otavio).

Alan - Gow much albumes did you make? and what´s your last album 
D.P. – We have 2 albums, "Lutas & Vitórias" and "Sem mais desculpas", an EP, "Anti-Social", which was released in 2019. We recently released, along with Gimp Fist, a 7” split called "Heroes are Forever"

Alan - When did the band started and why? 
D.P. – (Paulo) The band started in early 2015, basically arising from a conversation between Otavio Guto and Paulo, the desire to play and make their own songs was a common point between us.

Alan - What lead you to punk? Some Musicians or? 
D.P. – (Paulo) Punk has always been an influence of everyone in the band, something that came from adolescence, living with an inequality, the desire to express our indignation, and lasts until today. I find it hard to talk about a particular band or musician, I think each of the band has their own influencers. There are some unanimities in the band like Ramones, Bad Religion, Buzzcocks and others.
(Otavio) - It has always been the favorite since kid, when skateboarding, or even before, I started with many English and American bands, Ramones, Toy Dolls, Suicidal Tendencies, Buzzcocks himself, Exploited, Cock Sparrer, among others.

Alan - DId you play in Czech Republic, and if, how many times did you played in Czech Republic and where 
D.P. – (Paulo) In 2017 we had the opportunity to do four shows at Czech Republic. It was our debut tour, the first time we traveled to play in Europe. It was an amazing experience and sure it's a place we plan to return as soon as possible.

We played at Vagon Klub in Prague, Velbloud Music Bar in České Budějovice, Klub Papírák in Písek and Rajče Klub in Teplice

Alan - If you played in Czechia who brought you here 
D.P. – (Otavio) - I made friends with Petr Ruzicka on facebbok, but the band already had something scheduled for England and Germany, but it didn't work out for Germany, so I talked to Petr and we got things right. He received us very well and everything was very good

Alan - With what bands did you play in Czechia? Do you like any Czech band ? 
D.P. – (Otavio) - Basically we played every gig with Trest Smrti and Peter Shabby, all great people. I know some bands like Muerti, Pirates of the Pub, N.V.Ú., Malomocnost Prázdnoty, Haymaker, Do Řady!

Alan - Do you know any other Czech bands, that you like? 
D.P. – (Otavio) - I know and like those above that I mentioned, may have others, but I do not remember at the moment, it must be old age, lol, or my non fluency in Czech, hahahahaha, hehehehe

Alan - What did you think about Czechia? Did you see any monuments, landscape in Czechia? D.P. – (Otavio) - I loved it, went for a walk with my wife and friends in 2016, played there in 2017, and came back in 2018 with some friends (but only for Prague). I visited many things, Prague I am almost a citizen ... hahahahaha, there were 3 visits in 3 years. The cities I visited are wonderful, charming ... until I had a beer in one of them (Chodová Planá), I went to soccer games .... without words. Your country is fantastic…

Alan - Do you know any clubs or festivals in Czechia? In what club or festival would you like to play? 
D.P. – (Otavio) - Yes, apart from the clubs we played, I watched in 2016 with my wife and friends the Dictators show at Modra Vopice, they played together with Muerti, very good band, I loved it. I know Pod Parou festivals, Brutal Assault, I've heard of Rock For People, Mighty Sounds, some more but I don't remember. Well, we would love to play any of them, even more so at Pod Parou, for the influences and bands that play each year.

Alan - From tour originated the picture material to clip Labuta. Did you know that beforhand, or it was suprise for you? 
D.P. -  (Paulo) When we returned from the tour we had some videos that we filmed during the trip, so we took the opportunity to show some of our daily life in the Czech Republic. So we decided to catch up with some scenes and set up the video for "Labuta". It was a surprise because we had not thought of it before, it was an idea that came up when we returned to Brazil. 
(Otavio) - Well what Paulo said, we took our cameras and randomly filmed what we like, to show the people of our families and Brazil, you know, have records and tales of travel and gigs. But then came the idea to do it, and it was great, because I always watch and see the cool places we visited ,,,, hits a great longing.

Alan - Thanks for interwiev, and i hope that i will see you somewhere on festival in Czechia
D.P. – (Otavio and Paulo) - We who thank you for the opportunity, and we are waiting for you in the summer of 2020 in the Czech Republic, await us ... 

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