Interview with Blow Show

Interview with Blow Show
Germany (punk / mix music)

Alan - Hi, who are you? Your work would be taken as a mix of different genres. Is it mainly because of humor?
William - Hi Alan, thanks, we are doing fine. Yes, indeed we do not want our work to be limited to a certain genre. We love to be creative and try new things. So whenever someone of us comes up with a new song idea, it could be anything and we develop it so that it feels good.

Alan - When did you start the band Blow Show?do you have still in the same composition? Or is the set different than in the beginning?
Drogurth - The history of the band goes back to 2005, when William and Flowsen first met in the Heidelberg (Germany) and started to write songs together. The first live performance on 13th of February 2009 was then already with Pedro and I joined the band later while already contributing certain guitar and bass tracks in the early days. From then on the members of the band did not change. However, we like to work together with other musicians from time to time. This is why you find the one or the other guest in the credits of our recordings.

Alan - Do you release albums mostly digitally? Get people listen to directly from your site?
Flowsen - Yes, we publish our songs almost exclusively digitally. You can find our music on our website and in most of the music streaming platforms. Sometimes we offer physical copies of our work at the merch booth at our concerts, however, these are very limited editions and you have to be lucky to get one *laughs*.

Alan - If I take your punk work. You remotely remind me of the groups like die Ärzte, die Toten Hosen - their funnier songs. Well, at least I had alot of fun.
Drogurth - Thanks, we are happy being compared to those bands. To be honest, bands like Die Ärzte or Wizo - among many others, of course - influenced us in our creative work from the beginning. As you might already suspect from our large variety of genres, our influences are diverse as well and reach from Punk to Jazz.

Alan - Speaking of that. Who composes the music and who writes the lyrics?
William - We all do. This is how we all stay creative and always have a fresh impulse from the one or the other member of the band. Most of the times, one of us comes up with a song idea or even the complete lyrics with harmony and presents it to the others. From then on, we develop and shape the song together. In the end, almost everyone of us contributed to each song in a certain way to a certain degree. This is a fun process and sometimes really creates something none of us did expect in the beginning.

Alan - We'll stay with the lyrics. For the most part, you have very funny lyrics, which is good. You don't want to be that form of melodic political punk, do you? Do you agree?
Flowsen - Indeed we try to give most of our songs a funny or humoristic touch and we are happy to hear that this seems to have worked out for the most part *laughs*. However, especially for our later work, political messages are getting more and more important and obvious. In the early days, the deeper message was maybe buried at bit deeper in some songs and definitely not always political. 

Alan - Where are you known?  Germany and abroad?
Drogurth - We are known mostly in the area of north-west Germany, because we used to gig the most there. The photo you chose in your last article about us was actually from a gig at the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany. Before the pandemic changed the whole situation for a lot of people including us, we were on a good way to expand our radius and we are willing to continue from where we had to stop.

Alan - Genital rock hahaha. So say - information, more information and even more information.
William - There are many genres of rock music and considering our work at the time, this was what summarized it all quite nicely. We did mostly rock music and the majority of our songs were either dedicated completely or at least heavy related to genitals of all kind. That was a no-brainer *laughs*. As we already pointed out, our later work is shaped more and more by political or social topics, but we will definitely not forget about our roots not to take ourselves too seriously.

Alan - A little serious now. Your work - rock, punk, metal, pop, hip hop, blues - mix. How and where do you get to play live?
Flowsen - Like most bands we started out locally and organized gigs on our own in bars, clubs and other smaller venues. While we managed to build and more solid fan-base, we teamed up with other bands to increase the number of people coming to the shows. These bands were mostly at home in the punk rock genre. When the pandemic hit us all, we were exactly in that state of extending our range that way.

Alan - Where do you play most often? Clubs, city festivities ... After all, it's hard to play for you at a thrash festival or at least i think.
William - It is mostly bars and clubs so far. We have so many songs of so many different genres that if we do not need to fill the whole evening with a show of several hours on our own, we can assemble a set for most occasions. Of course, we can and we did already have shows of several hours just on our own. We then do not call it a gig but a "Blow Show", because thats what it is. So far, this was as well highly appreciated by our fans. 

Alan - Where do you play most often? (club, city, state (
Drogurth - Actually, there is a bar in our home town or at least the town where we all currently live. It is called "Pauls Savanne" (translates to "Paul's Savannah") and we played really a lot there. It is the bar where some of us spent a considerable time of their youths. We know a lot of people there and we even wrote a song for them. Check out the Song "Savanne" from the Leude EP recorded in 2019.

Alan - where did you get where with the Blow Show? Radios, TV, zine etc ...?
Flowsen - So far we mostly concentrated on live shows. Just recently, some online radio stations played songs of us, which we of course highly appreciate.

Alan - What about abroad, have you played anywhere before? If so, where?
William - Not so far. Maybe due to the fact that most of our songs have German lyrics, we never made it outside of the country. But we have a good connection to the U.S., because William lived there for a couple of years and connected to the local scene of musicians there. Songs like "At Thirteen (We were Not-Sees)", "I wanna be like JCVD" or the cover of "Adam's Everybody's Song" are directly related to these connections.

Alan - Thanks for the interview, and maybe next time.
Drogurth - Thanks for having us, Alan. Looking forwad to next time.

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