Interview with band Tupolev

Interview with band Tupolev
rock Poland

Alan - Hi. I reckon that you are almost unknown in the Czech Republic, so introduce yourself to us.
Marek – Hello there. My name is Marek and I play the guitar for a band called Tupolev. 

Alan - You are a young band, but you are not young by age. Did you play in groups other than Tupolev?
Marek – We all did. Włodas, Sesyl and Kinal share interesting history they’ve been through in a metal band Empatic. They’ve even put out  two brilliant records. Me and Tomik - our Singer played together and separately in various local bands.

Alan - You released your first album in 2021. You could tell a little something about the album. And why did you choose the name - Blind, deaf, dumb?
Marek – Ślepy, głuchy, niemy (Blind, deaf, dumb) is a title of opening song on the album. It is a simple protest song about authorities such as politicians, teachers and even parents. They want you to act in a certain way, to be blind and deaf for important things in life such as love, friendship or simple kindness to one another. You often end up chasing money or trying to please people that don’t deserve your attention. This message was important for us so we decided to name the whole album after this song.

Alan - You say you're a mix between metal and rock roll. You sound more like a mix between Australian rock 90's and European rock 1990 - 2010. tell us little more about the focus of your music.
Marek – The note about us being metal/rock band was written about 3 years ago, when we were feeling we should go this way. Right now it doesn’t matter what you call us. As long as people  enjoy our music and we have a good time playing it. I guess we are simply rock.

Alan - With the group Tupolev did you go to any concerts?
Marek – Recent years were tough for bands to play live shows, but we managed to play couple of local gigs and a short tours supporting better known bands like Big Cyc, SIQ and Łydka Grubasa only this year. Right now we look forward for playing one of major rock festivals at south of Poland.

Alan - How did you get to Jacek (Jaco) Filipek and the radio?
Marek – He has found us via internet. I don’t recall whether it was Facebook or Youtube. 

Alan - Are you cooperating more with Jack? If so, how?
Marek – Off course we are. He’s been playing our music often, He is still giving us a lot of support promoting what we do. 

Alan - Like we said, you're a young band. Have you performed outside of Poland? And where do you mainly perform in Poland?
Marek – Too bad we haven’t had played abroad yet, but we hope this changes anywhere soon. As a young band we take almost every opporunity to perform live, mainly clubs and open air events, specially now during summer time.

Alan - How is it to currently play in Poland? It has been very difficult for the last three years now, not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world, due to the pandemic, it has closed a lot of clubs and no longer opened them.
Marek – You bet it was difficult. Last year they shut down only club in our town capable of organising rock concerts. Such loss…

Alan - Unfortunately, the issue of the pandemic, etc .... has also affected festivals, for example in the Czech Republic about 7% (and that's a lot) of the festivals are not continuing at all. They have disappeared and there will be no more.
Marek – I don’t follow all the events in my coutry, there is so many of them. Most of the festivals I was interested in took place in changed form during pandemic, streaming for example or with limited count of audience. Some of them took a brake. Fortunately this year most of them are back with good lineups and audience hungry for music. 

Alan - If you wanted to invite our readers to Poland somewhere for a festival, what festival would it be? And why?
Marek – I would deffinitely recommand going for Pol’and’Rock festival. I will say no more, just check their videos on Youtube.

Alan - Thanks for the interview, and maybe we'll see you at the fest in Germany someday.
Marek – This would be awesome! Thank You.

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