Grey Lady Walks

Grey Lady Walks
Chaos Bleak

Genre- Post Punk/Pre-Goth/Rock/Alternative.
Chaos Bleak celebrate Halloween with their new single, Grey Lady Walks.
A creepy ghost story, the tale of a wealthy woman married off by her family to a philanderer who murders her with the help of his lover. But then the vengeance comes....
A tale also of how women are often forgotten to history, how injustice goes unresolved and stories left unrecorded. 
“Woe and misery in her heart...but I could not find her name”

Release Date: 31.10.2020 (woooo)

Format- Digital download. Available via Itunes/Amazon, The Nightbreed mp3 Store and many other outlets t.b.c.
Label- Nightbreed Digital.
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