Frank Never Dies

Frank Never Dies
Red Moon Rising

Italian Psychedelic Rockers FRANK NEVER DIES Sign To Argonauta Records; First Single Out Now
Italian Psychedelic Rock band FRANK NEVER DIES has officially signed with Argonauta Records for the release of their highly anticipated second full-length album, "Red Moon Rising," in spring 2024. FRANK NEVER DIES music is characterized by aggressive atmospheres and melodic dialogue within analog vintage sound of synths and '70s guitar inspirations. It develops in a succession of different rhythmic patterns, creating a cinematic landscape.
The debut offering from the album comes in the form of an official music video titled 'Red Moon Rising', which is now accessible on YouTube: 

Frank Never Dies is a band born in 2018, started by guitar player Mirko Giuseppone, who was previously involved in alternative rock/post-grunge projects. This came about through collaboration with Simona Ferrucci on synths.
Joining the band on bass is Maurizio Troia, whose influences range from funk to ska and post-punk. Luca Zannini, a promising young drummer, also contributes, having already established himself as a freelance musician.
The band released their first LP, "Behind the Paradox," in 2020 via BloodRock Records and performed in several venues.
Prior to the release of their second LP, the bass player, Maurizio Troia, left the band and was replaced by Francesco Papadia, bass player of Stonewood.

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