Death Party UK - My Own Way

Death Party UK - My Own Way
Genre- Post Punk/Goth/Rock/Alternative, Rock’n’Roll, Goth’n’Roll

Sub Genres- Hellfire Rock n Roll, Gothic Rock, Swamp Rock, Death Rock, Punk Rock, Horror Punk, Gothabilly, Rockabilly
Many people tell you that you ought to change. Your hair is too long, your clothes are too black, your skirt is too short, your pants are too tight, you are wearing too much make up etc. There is always going to be a reason to try and make you the same as everyone else. Don’t let ‘em! Always be true to yourself!

Death Party UK are a band born in the pit of Lucifarian Hellfire fused with the spooky delightful darkness of a really, really, great Halloween party, where the music is loud and cool and the women and men sexy! Considered by many to be the embodiment of the meeting between Gothic Rock and pure rock’n’roll. If Goth and Rock’n’Roll had a baby, they would call it Death Party UK!
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Band features: Trevor Bamford, also of Arcane Winter, ex-vocalist for Midnight Configuration, ex -Guitarist of Every New Dead Ghost and head of the Nightbreed organisation. 
The band are becoming highly regarded in the underground scene worldwide with a number of support dates and festivals in the pipeline.
Large underground scene promotion planned including heavy rotation on Gothic and evolved internet radio stations across the world. 
A video campaign is planned to coincide with the release of this single which will include Facebook saturation. (And possibly youtube)

Release Date:1.1. 2018

Format- Digital download only. Available via Itunes/Amazon, The Nightbreed mp3 Store and many other outlets t.b.c.

Label- Nightbreed Digital.

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