Death Party UK

Death Party UK
Voodoo Eyes

Release- Voodoo Eyes
Band- Death Party UK 
Format- Digital Single. Download only. 
Cat No-NB DPUK014
Genre- Post Punk/Goth/Rock/Alternative, Rock’n’Roll, Goth’n’Roll
Sub Genres- Hellfire Rock n Roll, Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Swamp Rock, Death Rock, Punk Rock, Horror Punk, Gothabilly, Goth’n’Roll, Dark Punk.
This song is a light-hearted number all about how some people use moaning as a way of communicating to each other, and how if not countered in the right way, can lead to you being pulled into their world of self-created misery. In other words, they put the “Voodoo” on you. 

“I just laugh and call it what it is, I call it CO-MOAN-ICATION!”

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Band features: Trevor Bamford, also of The Angelfire Project, ex-vocalist for Midnight Configuration, ex -Guitarist of Every New Dead Ghost and Arcane Winter and head of the Nightbreed organisation. 
The band are becoming highly regarded in the underground scene worldwide with a number of support dates and festivals in the pipeline.
Large underground scene promotion planned including heavy rotation on Gothic and evolved internet radio stations across the world. 
A video campaign is planned to coincide with the release of this single which will include Facebook saturation. (And possibly youtube)

Release Date: 28.01. 2019

Format- Digital download only. Available via Itunes/Amazon, The Nightbreed mp3 Store and many other outlets t.b.c.

Label- Nightbreed Digital.
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