Chaos Bleak

Chaos Bleak
A New Age Of Darkness

Release- A New Age Of Darkness
Band- Chaos Bleak
Format- CD and Download. 
Cat No- NBDCBLP1 (Digital)/SSRCBLP001 (CD)
Genre- Post Punk/Pre-Goth/Rock/Alternative.
Release date 28/01/21

Chaos Bleak proudly announce the release of the debut album, A New Age of Darkness.
Nottingham- based goth supergroup, proto-goth, throbbing dark rock best to describe Chaos Bleak? “A Black Sabbath for the Gothic Scene”. “Post Punk Riff and Beat masters” “The natural inheritors of Play Dead and Killing Joke”?
The album contains the previous singles, plus unreleased tracks, an album intended to soundtrack this period of uncertainly and change the world finds itself in.
Love, fear, desire, politics and murder. That is the sound of Chaos Bleak.

Format- Download only. Available via Itunes/Amazon, and many other outlets t.b.c. CD available via Band’s Bandcamp page and Facebook page
Label- Nightbreed Digital.

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