Chaos Bleak

Chaos Bleak
Feast For The Senses

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?Chaos Bleak - Feast For The Senses
the new single release Entitled Feast For The Senses by the english Gothic Rock band Chaos Bleak as finally been released, produced and distributed by Gothic World Records and is available on all worldwide major online stores.
1. Feast For The Senses (Single)
Chaos Bleak formed in March 2019 are a sort of ‘gothic super group’ comprising members of Every New Dead Ghost, 13 Candles, Midnight Configuration, Death Party UK, Arcane Winter, and Crimson Brigade. The band don’t follow the traditional Sisters of Mercy approach to goth, but instead ask “what would Play Dead or Killing Joke sound like if they had formed in 2019, and were also fans of 90s gothic rock?” The result is music that is unrestrained, powerful, and varied. One reviewer described Chaos Bleak as “Black Sabbath for the gothic generation”.
Release Date: 08th December 2023
Label: Gothic World Records
Catalogue Number: GWRSNG8
Format: Digital Release


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