Chaos Bleak

Chaos Bleak

Release- Mythos
Band- Chaos Bleak
Format- Digital Single. Download only. 
Cat No- NBDCB009
Genre- Post Punk/Pre-Goth/Rock/Alternative.
Following on for the critically acclaimed debut album A New Age of Darkness, Chaos Bleak are back with new single Mythos, a love letter to H.P. Lovecraft and an indifferent universe.

Have you laid awake at night, tortured by fearful dreams, prompted by terror at the written word? Chaos Bleak have! 

Mythos draws upon the tales of Cthulu, the tentacle- faced cosmic entity, as well as the fictional Sutter Cane, horror writer extraordinaire with an axe-wielding literary agent. 

What really happens in our dreams? Do we visualise the future, or make contact with a hideous demonic force, eager to destroy our reality? We think the latter.

“Lord of the Great Old Ones, slumber no more!”

After playing Goth festivals around the UK in the summer of 2019, Chaos Bleak intend to take their post punk pre goth sound across the UK during 2021 once the shadow of the virus leaves us.
Sales Points: 
Chaos Bleak are a new post-punk/pre-goth band from Nottingham. Looking to explore the territory mapped by the likes of Play Dead and Killing Joke mixed in with Germanic and UK 1990’s Gothic underground sounds.
Chaos Bleak feature members of Midnight Configuration, Arcane Winter, 13 Candles, Death Party UK, The Angelfire Project The Crimson Brigade and Every New Dead Ghost.  

Large underground scene promotion planned including heavy rotation on Gothic and evolved internet radio stations across the world. 
A video campaign is planned to coincide with the release of this single which will include Facebook saturation. (And possibly youtube)

Release Date:30.4.2021

Format- Digital download only. Available via Itunes/Amazon, and many other outlets t.b.c.
Label- Nightbreed Digital.
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