An interview not only with Petr Růžička

An interview not only with Petr Růžička
on the waves of Pirates of the Pubs

After a long, but really long journey in Punk, Petr has been active since before 1989. Many groups have passed under his banner, which he pushed around Czechoslovakia, Czechia - Slovakia, the Czech Republic and, of course, abroad.  Both foreign bands and punk bands in the Czech Republic.  They've been pushing Pirates of the Pubs lately.  Together they played a lot of concerts both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and together they released one long-playing record and two split albums.

Alan – Hello Peter and Pirates.
Petr – Hello Alan and hello people who like our band.
Pirates - AHOY sailors!

Alan – Peter in a nutshell, who has passed through your hands to date?
Petr – In a nutshell, several hundred bands.  For example, when I had a club in Teplice, there were about 10 bands per month.  but now I've cleaned up a bit and I only do a few bands a year. Now I have Pirates of The Pubs in May, then Toy Dolls, from Israel Death in Your Yard, so that's really quite a bit for what I've been doing.

Alan – The interview would be brutally long, it would be more like a book so that we could understand everything.  It's impossible.  So again only roughly.  What did you like to do and do?  And why?
Petr – First Extempore and MCH band, that was the inspiration for starting my own band like the legend FPB, then Šanov then SPS, Leprosy of emptiness, Spnící špendlík, Slobodka, also Squad 96 / where the band leader somehow took my breath away when he crossed over to the other side  to radicals/ now they are Pirates of The Pubs.  A lot of foreign bands like Toy Dolls, Sham 69, the 999, the Exploited with Watie was often fun, I really like working with TV Smith, he's a pretty big guy, Peter: Test Tube Babies are nice people too.  I'd hate to forget a band, there were literally several hundred of them and at the end there's Eddi and Vibrators and UK Subs, where I like the whole band including Charli's wife Youko, who had her birthday today.

Alan - When we were talking a while ago, you took on the Pirates first - because the well-trodden group The Safety Pin totally wrapped it up.  Second, you see and hear the potential in them.
Petr – I always have to listen to that band several times, for example I heard SPS when I was doing Šanov and I didn't like it much, that was in 1989, but then we took them as a support band and in the end I left Šanov and went to  SPS.  It was similar here with Pirates, I suddenly felt that it could be a big band one day.

Alan – How did you react to Peter's offer to take you under his patronage?
Pirates – With enthusiasm, because it precedes the legend of Petr, and with concerns, because as a young drunk musician you don't really know what you're getting into and what it entails, but looking back after years, we can say that it was our best decision.

Alan – How long have you actually been with the Pirates?  And the changes since you have them under your patronage?
Petr – We agreed at the beginning of 2017, so we have been together for the seventh year.  Not everyone who played in the band in 16 and 17 wanted a manager, didn't want to travel so far and didn't feel that we could one day be equal partners for example at Rebellion in England.

Alan – Where have you been with Peter?  And what was the biggest prestige for you as a band?  Concert - festival?
Pirates – With Peter, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and England and Scotland, the biggest prestige in terms of domestically is definitely Mighty Sounds, abroad Rebellion.

Alan – Grandpa Podre, did you have the idea to do the first split with the Pirates in the Republic?
Petr – I owed a lot to Otavio, he took me on a tour of Brazil, so we agreed to make a joint album and maybe it will kick us off in South America.  Well, it's still in its infancy, but I'd like to get there sometime.  But enough about finances.

Alan – Second split album mostly new, with the group the Ramstampits.  How did you get to the group, and the arrangement regarding the release of their mCD on a split with Pirates?
Petr – That bunch of Ramstampits approached me at Rebellion and they brought us out a lot, for example, in the fanzine Keyrang.  We got an offer to play at a festival in Scotland and that always made me want to play there.  Get recognized in countries like Ireland and Scotland.  We actually play their music with a large dose of punk and also with Czech music.  We'll see how we do at the Dunoon festival.

Alan – Did you welcome the release of the splits?  How did you approach it as a band?
Pirates - As with everything, especially not sober.  ???? Of course, every band wants to have their own vinyl and the bands we're on those records with are great, so there was nothing to worry about.  

Alan – It's premature to ask about the response, the LP has been out for a short time.  I assume there have been a lot of pre-orders and there arealso big festivals that will allow for a form of bigger sales.
Petr – We will sell several dozen LPs at home and I reckon that we will be able to sell quite a few abroad.  Otherwise, I'll make a bed with it, it's a joke, I believe it will sell in time.
Pirates - There were a lot of pre-orders and this split was very successful, so we believe that it will also sell well.

Alan – You're going to be playing in Europe this summer, maybe even the fall.  Where will the stops be for the Pirates?
Petr – I want to try it mainly in Germany, where there is quite a strong competition from similar bands.  We are starting in Bavaria, but I would like to get into the subconscious of all of Germany.  Otherwise, we have a summer tour from Budějovice to Rebelion, so I will go to Germany, Belgium, and maybe France in turn.  Then the south of England and Black Pool finally.  Bournemouth.  which is also in the south, opposite is Normandy.  Germany and Sweden too in autumn.  Finally, in November England, the festival in Morecambe has great credit.

Alan – How do you prepare for traveling abroad?  And where are you most looking forward to?  America?
Pirates - Mostly England and Rebellion.  Apart from intensive exams, there are probably no special preparations.
Petr – I already wrote it somewhere, my goal is Brazil and then the USA and Canada, but that requires a lot of preparation and finding people who want to play it.  The point is that some go to work and there is no time for that - playing and going to work, not everyone can handle the whole team either, I'm glad that Ondra and Baruška are passionate about the cause and give almost everything to being a band.

Alan – U Played concerts and festivals.  Which do you take, or which do you remember the most?  And which ones would you rather forget?
Petr - I like to forget the bad ones, sometimes something goes wrong.  You go to the award at a bad time and sometimes there is an audience that is not curious about you, so you prefer to play honestly and wait for someone to catch on and forget about the others.
Pirates - Everything has its own, and in the end there is no wrong playing, sometimes a person is on top and sometimes on the bottom, so sometimes it just happens, as Exni!to sing.  But if we had to single out the best performances, it's mainly the big festivals.  As far as organizational work and people under the stage are concerned, they clearly lead.

Alan – I ask this question all the time, I just love it.  Funny travel experiences.  So who has what pearl?
Petr - I'll leave this to the band to brag about.
Pirates - We don't remember much.  ????

Alan - If you don't mind, we'll stick with the jokes.  Funny experiences while filming the split and filming the Wolves clip?
Petr – I'm glad that I agreed with the band at Vlc, and that it was in Futur, so I'm going from the better clubs in Prague.
Pirates - When filming in the studio, it's kind of fun collectively, but when we filmed the clip in Futur, Pája Junek tells us to notify him when we play Wolves, so he can record the vocals.  Well, in the heat of the fight, we only realized in the middle of the song that we didn't warn Pája, so we had to give them one more time at the end.  ????

Alan - I assume this is not the last interview we do together this year.  Whether in print, or on the radio, or on TV.  A lot of festivals, a tour of concerts await you, and it will be a lot of fun, even with tears.  Thanks and hello.
Petr – I'm glad that you believe in us, we will now play at events of the band Tři sestry and also at festivals in May and June, and then we will go out to make a hole in the world.
Pirates - Thanks a lot and wind in the sails!

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